Preparation Before Taking Online Criminal Justice Degree

Laws are created to safeguard the life of a society. Separate law became Criminal and Civil Law since 1000 years ago. Criminal law is a law related to criminal and social crimes. Unlike the Civil Code that allows the defendant to resolve the conflict by providing compensation in material form, the Criminal Law requires the defendant to be punished in accordance with applicable law. When delivered in a simpler language, the Penal Code is identical with the prison law.

In this lecture you will learn about the Criminal Law, from the legal structure to how to implement criminal law in the practice of law in everyday life.

The Criminal Law is an interesting subject area if you want to understand more deeply about the laws prevailing in a country and its impact on everyday life.

To pursue this educational program, you will have to study many case studies and then apply them to complete real-life legal practice scenarios. Therefore, strong analytical and sharp thinking are needed.

Career prospect

The popular career field among graduates of the Law Department is of course a profession like lawyers or legal counsel. A Bachelor's Degree or a Diploma Degree in Law may give you the opportunity to become a trainee of lawyers and legal counsel.

Quite a lot of Criminal Laws enter the work world without Postgraduate qualification. Graduate Law skills can be transferred to the business sector, finance, social, welfare industry, human resources, accounting and even journalism.

Lecturing Process

Like the Medical Department, the competition to enter the Law Department is very strict. Therefore, entry requirements submitted by universities tend to be high. Prospective students are required to have 3 As or equivalents for the Subject of Law, Economics, History and even Philosophy. Although not mandatory, but if you meet all these requirements, your incoming app will be more valuable. Well-known colleges even require prospective students to take the LNAT exam before admission to the college.

Duration of lectures for Bachelor Program in general is 3 years. However, it can be extended to 4 years if you choose to take a job placement in Criminal Law. While your college graduation time will be delayed for 1 year, it is worth considering, as your Legal experience will give you additional value when you want to continue your education to the Graduate Program, or if you want to get into the job immediately of Undergraduate Program.

To take the Graduate Program, you must have a Bachelor Degree with a 2: 1 degree in the Law or related field. If you are a Bachelor's degree but not from Legal Affairs, you must complete the Diploma Program of Law Department first. After having a Diploma Degree, you can also take professional training classes in Legal.

Choosing Online College Degrees

Before applying to an online college of your choice, you should pay attention to the admission requirements submitted by the college. Do you have the right value to sign in? The higher your qualification, the more likely you will be accepted at the college of your choice. Then, the thing to consider as well is whether the tuition fee you can handle? If you are still struggling to secure funding, there are a number of scholarships that can help you.

If you have a goal to become a lawyer or legal counsel when you graduate, you should choose a college with a good reputation. So the credibility of the graduates from the college is highly rated among the community. This is very beneficial to graduates from the college because it will make it easier for them to find work placements in college and their career prospects after graduation is also more guaranteed.